HWT- Bơm chân không dầu một cấp chịu nước cao: EU160HWT-205HWT-300HWT-650HWT

EU HWT high vapour tolerance

Áp suất chân không max: ≤ 0,8 mbar
Lưu lượng:152÷790 m3/h

The EU 160, EU 205, EU 300 and EU 650 HWT are single-stage rotary vane lubricated vacuum pumps with oil recirculation.
The flanged electric motor is coupled by an elastic coupling.
An integrated check valve prevents the oil from coming back and the return of air into the chamber to be pumped down during the stop phase.
The oil tank is provided with a system for separating the oil mists from the exhaust air; the separated oil is automatically recovered from the pump.

The circuit and the increased gas ballasts prevent condensation inside the pump when large quantities of vapours are sucked.

The EU 160, 205, 300 and 650 HWT pumps are suitable for the evacuation of closed systems or to operate at a constant vacuum included in the following range:

EU160 HWT from 0,8 to 400 mbar (absolute)

EU205 – 300 – 650 HWT from 0,8 to 850 mbar (absolute)

Download Data Sheet EU160 HWT
Download Data Sheet EU205F HWT
Download Data Sheet EU300F HWT
Download Data Sheet EU650 HWT



The following accessories are useful for the installation and for the control of the pump operation parameters:

  •   External suction filter
  •   Vacuum gauges / vacuostats
  •   Pressure gauges / pressure switches
  •   Thermostat
  •   Minimum oil level switc


EU 160 HWTEU 205 HWTEU 300 HWTEU 650 HWT
Pumping speedm³/h50Hz152205290660
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast (abs.)mbar≤ 0,8≤ 0,8≤ 0,8≤ 0,8
Motor powerkW50Hz345,515
Motor speedrpm50Hz1500150015001000
Water vapour tolerancembar80808040
Water vapour pumping capacitykg/h99,813,519
Lubricant chargel37722
Sound pressure leveldB(A)50Hz71707173
DimensionsL x B x Hmm50Hz805x436x316895x551x436979x551x4361436x823x653
Connections*Inlet1” ½ Gas2” Gas2” Gas4” Gas
Outlet1” ½ Gas2” Gas2” Gas3” Gas

* Other types of connection available upon request

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