Phụ tùng, phụ kiện bơm chân không vòng dầu – Rotant VF

Special lubricating fluids for vacuum pumps.
An important choice not to be understimated

Thanks to a long experience in different sectorial areas and in collaboration with the most important oil companies, PVR has selected a series of lubricants for you.
They are highly qualified and able to work in all the operating conditions required of a vacuum pump.

Contact our “APPLICATION CONSULTANT” to choose the most suitable lubricating fluid to your needs.


Rotant VF 200 Series
Mineral Vacuum Fluid
Mineral oil especially formulated for standard applications.

Rotant VF 300 series
PAO Vacuum Fluid
PAO base synthetic oil especially developed to offer superior thermal and oxidation stability.

Rotant VF 400 H1 series
Food Grade Vacuum Fluid
High performance PAO base synthetic oil specifically developed for the chance contact with foodstuff (certifed to USDA NSF H1)

Rotant VF 500 series
Diester Vacuum Fluid
Synthetic oil based on diester formulated to ensure excellent resistance to high temperature and atmospheric agents.

Rotant VF KEMY 600 series
Engineered Vacuum Fluid
High performance synthetic oil specifically developed for the compatibility with acids such as HCI, H2SO4, H3PO4.

Rotant VF PFPE 700 series
PFPE Vacuum Fluid
PFPE oils are lubricating fluids formulated to be stable and be inert to all chemical and oxidizing agents and they are highly indicated for the treatment of substances strongly reactive or oxidizing, such as oxygen, ozone or nitrogen oxides

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